National Dessert Day

October 14th is National Dessert Day. We get to cherry pick the observation of these *national* days based on our personal preferences. I like desserts. I bet, most of you do, too. Honestly, who doesn’t LOVE dessert? The problem is that dessert has – for many people – become taboo. Which, honestly, is unfair. And if I am to go so far as to say…un-American. Seriously. Apple pie is the epitome of America. Apple pie with a scope of vanilla ice cream is divine. If you are from Wisconsin, warm apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese is perfection. (Give me the ice cream, please.)

Dessert is not taboo. It is the PORTION that matters; it’s the size of that slice of cake or pie that matters. So, be reasonable! You can have your cake and eat it, too. A pie should be sliced into EIGHT servings. Most sheet cakes are meant to be 20 servings. A two-tiered frosted cake is 12-servings. Read your containers: a pint of ice cream is FOUR servings. Eat your one serving and savor it! And give yourself a bit of grace.

Have your dessert. Especially on National Dessert Day – a little bit of something. Just remember, you should not eat dessert at breakfast, lunch and dinner. And maybe…don’t eat dessert every day. Dessert is fun and silly and special. I hope you all have a little bit of nom-noms to celebrate the day. Dessert makes Mondays better – shorter, even. I love a dessert that I can’t or simply don’t make myself, that makes the dessert super, extra, special and worthy of a National Day of Observance. But, I am satisfied with a simple apple galette – the cheater’s version of an apple pie. Just google apple galette or go to this website.

So, what is your favorite dessert?

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