Celebrate with Fireworks

Fanfare & Fireworks at Flavet Field’s bandshell at the Univeristy. It starts at 7pm. The fireworks usually start at 9:30. For more information check the WUFT website. You can take a picnic and chairs but not your pet or your own fireworks.

Also, on Tuesday, Williston does a whole parade at 5pm that goes down Noble Avenue and then a celebration ending in fireworks at Horseman’s Park at 7pm. Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the “Sweet Land of Liberty” festivities.

On July 4th, the towns of Micanopy, Alachua, Keystone Heights, Lake Butler and Cedar key all have their own fanfare.and fireworks.

There are even some neighborhoods that do a fair effort at their own fireworks’ displays. Keep your dogs inside. The loud noise can make a dog bolt and get lost. Always make sure your dog has a collar and ID tags. And, as always, BE SAFE. Wear safety glasses, have a running water hose close by. Always have adults supervising children. Wear shoes to avoid stepping on dropped sparklers or spent bottle rockets.