In this era of COVID-19, we must adapt how we connect with our patients. We want to keep you safe. We are committed to keeping the office free of acute sickness – any symptoms associated with the coronavirus. This allows us to still see regular medical issues. Patients will still have migraines or palpitations or attacks of gout. We want to maintain a clean zone that is COVID-free.

Initially, we offered telemedicine visits through the ZOOM platform. It was a McGuyver hack that got us up and running when the lock-down happened. We have made the formal transition to our electronic medical record’s telehealth platform through Follow My Health. If you are a patient in our practice, you should be connected to Primary Care Physicians of Gainesville through FMH. If you received your invite, but cannot recover your access, please call the office and we can rest the account. This interface will allow for messaging and refill requests, too. This is how it works.

Patient Instructions- FMH Telehealth Visit

Once you are signed up for FollowMyHealth (patient portal), we can schedule a telehealth visit.

  1. You will get a confirmation e-mail for your upcoming telehealth appointment. At this time, confirm you have Google Chrome (if using a PC with webcam) or the FollowMyHealth app (if using a smart phone/tablet).
  2. Log onto your FollowMyHealth account.
  3. Accept the Telehealth Terms of Service.
  4. 15 minutes before the appointment, you will get a reminder email.
  5. In the upper right-hand corner there will be a scheduled video visit, click “join visit”.
  6. The website will have you test your video and audio.
  7. You can upload an attachment (picture, documents, etc.)
  8. Update your phone and preferred pharmacy.
  9. Wait in virtual waiting room for your appointment.
  10. The medical assistant will connect with you, get pertinent information for the visit, then connect you with your provider.

To be connected, we must have a valid email address for you. You can use your smart phone for tablet for a FMH telehealth visit. The entire interaction is HIPPA compliant and encrypted. Our goal is to keep you safe and keep all your confidential medical information protected and safe, too.

September 2020