Hurricane Matthew

The office will be closed Friday October 7th.

As of 12 noon today, Alachua County Emergency Operations Center has designated this as a Level-1 Activation. All state, county and municipal services are closed or canceled. The county has directed all residents to stay in their homes on Friday for safety reasons. North Florida Regional Medical Center will have fully functioning emergency services but they have started closing down elective and non-emergent services for Friday, October 7th.

The National Hurricane Center expects 100mph winds to reach the Orlando area by Friday at noon. Our area will likely get tropical storm force winds of at least 60mph for a sustained period of 6 or more hours. Be prepared to be without power for potentially three (3) days.

Unless there is some extreme event, Primary Care Physicians will open for business as usual on Monday morning, October 10th, at 8am. If power and utilities have not been restored and you have an appointment, come to the office anyways.  As with Hurricane Hermine, we worked without power or phones for several days. As with Hurricane Hermine, if Cox Communications are effected and we have no phone lines, we will not have any ability for patients to reach the physician taking after hours call for the weekend.

For the greater good, please try to avoid using our local emergency rooms for non-emergent issues. In these extreme emergencies, our office will try to do all we can to accommodate patients.

Be safe, everyone and we’ll see you after Matthew leaves.


Our in-coming phone lines are completely operational. There is staff answering and taking messages and making appointments. Please call the office directly instead of emailing for appointments.

Hurricane Hermine

We know that we have no phone line.

PCPG lost all power in the hurricane. We came into the office Friday and worked in the dark without power. GRU restored power mid-morning but our phones are with Cox Communications. By Friday afternoon, we had outgoing phone lines and internet but as of this moment, we are still without IN-COMING phone lines. One segment of our phone and data system was damaged in the storm and must be replaced. Cox Communication insists that it is not their lines or fiber optics.

Our IT support has been able to redirect our main phone number to our on-call cellphone. This is the funneling of SIX in-coming phones lines drilling down into a single device. We apologize for all of the inconvenience. Please be patient with us as we work to get everything restored.

We are trying to get an emergency email box set up to permit patients to at least email into our office so that we can call back and make appointments or handle messages.

Please know we are doing everything as urgently as possible. Dr. Sanders and Dr. O’Toole are seeing patients during regular business hours.