COVID Vaccination Info

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed Executive Order 20-315 which outlines that providers can ONLY administer the COVID-19 vaccine to the following groups:

  1. Long-term care facility residents and staff.
  2. Persons 65 years of age and older.
  3. Health care personnel with direct patient contact.
  4. Persons deemed to be extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 by hospital providers (this means you have to be ADMITTED in a hospital).

Our office will not be administering the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. They require super cold freezers. Also, purchase of the vaccine was regulated by the federal and state governments.

Unfortunately, if you are under the age of 65 and have serious medical conditions that increase your risk, you ARE NOT eligible for vaccination yet. This is an executive order by our governor and there is no path to circumvent his directive.

Even if you have had COVID or tested positive for the COVID virus, you should ABSOLUTELY get the vaccine – provided you meet the one of the above four criteria.

If you live in Alachua county and want to register for the vaccine go to this website for information:

Keep wearing your masks, social distance, wash your hands and have hope. The vaccines are coming. We need to just hold on a bit longer.

Happy New Year, Everyone! Let’s pray 2021 is better!
Dr. Sanders and the Team at PCPG

January 2021