Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

This Thursday and through the weekend, the office will be closed to observe the Thanksgiving holiday. If there is a need to reach a physician, there is a doctor on-call that is paged after leaving a message on the emergency after-hours line. Patients are encouraged to call the on-call physician before going to the ER. It may be that a medical concern can be managed by phone while the offices are closed.

Every Thanksgiving week, I ask patients about their favorite dish. What is the ONE DISH you want at Thanksgiving and if you don’t get it, then the holiday might feel insufficient? Answers vary. We often get in discussions about stuffing vs. dressing. Marshmallows on the sweet potatoes or not. Cranberry sauce from a can. It’s fun to hear what different patients claim as their make-or-break dish. For me, it is spinach balls with a spicy mustard sauce. And leftover apple pie for breakfast on Friday morning with coffee.

There is so much for which I am thankful. This past year, working solo for nine months, feeling the faith and trust from all of the patients, having a committed staff that dug-in and pushed forward, rebuilding the practice and hiring our two nurse practitioners and getting the professional affirmation from the insurance companies that the quality of care here at Primary Care Physicians of Gainesville exceeds their expectations.

Grateful. Thankful Blessed.

So, enjoy the parade, the cooking, the family, the mess and chaos, the too-full belly, the food coma, the football and if it is your “thing” – Black Friday shopping. I pray for all to feel connected and that you have good times with your family and friends.