Florida HB 21: Controlled Substances

On July 1st, the new statewide law – HB 21 – governing the prescriptions for pain medications and controlled substances goes into effect. This new law limits the prescriptions for ACUTE pain to no more than 3 days of opiates. The state has defined ACUTE pain asĀ the normal, predicted, physiological, and time-limited response to an adverse chemical, thermal, or mechanical stimulus associated with surgery, trauma, or acute illness. The term does not include pain related to cancer, terminal conditions or palliative care.

  • Patients must sign a controlled substances agreement with their provider
  • Patients’ identity MUST be verified in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – a statewide database that records all filled prescriptions for controlled substances, where they are filled, which provider wrote the prescription and the quantity of medications dispensed.
  • Patients must select a single pharmacy for their controlled substances.
  • Patients can be tested for confirmation of appropriate use of their medications and to verify they are not using illicit drugs.

You can read about the legislation here.