Continuous learning

Starting Wednesday of this week, Dr. Sanders will be attending the 55th AnnualĀ  Convention and Scientific Seminar for the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. There are four days of lectures and scientific presentations focused on family medicine, patient care and new discoveries and innovations in medicine. This conference satisfies 32 hours of the requirements for the maintenance of her board certification in family medicine.

The office will be open for regular business hours and patients are scheduled and can be worked-in for care with Abigail Eley, ARNP, DNP.

Osteopathic physicians are required to maintain 120 hours of continuous medical education (CME) every three years. Thirty (30) of those hours must be in a special category (1-A) only obtained in a live-group learning environment. This means that Dr. Sanders must be out of the office to attend conferences so as to earn these group learning hours.

She is committed to the on-going maintenance of her board certifications. She has re-certified for both of her board certifications twice over the last 22 years of her private practice.

She appreciates all the support and confidence of her patients.