Get Tested

Saturday, July 25th, the Alachua County Department of Health will offer free, drive-through COVID testing at Citizens’ Field. This event is free, open to county residents and does not require orders from your physician. They are trying to encourage families get tested together. The first 1,000 people to get tested will receive masks, hand sanitizer and other protective equipment. The event is sponsored by City of Gainesville, the Community Foundation of North Central Florida and the Walmart Foundation. The University of Florida College of Medicine Mobile Outreach Clinic will administer the tests on a first-come, first-served basis.

As of today, Alachua county has 117 people admitted to the hospitals for COVID treatment. Our community hospitals have a total of 308 adult ICU beds and currently, 283 are occupied and 25 are vacant. We have 47 pediatric ICU beds and only 7 are unoccupied. Most ICU patients are being treated for medical condition other than COVID.

We had 94 new cases yesterday. Since March, Alachua county has had 17 people die from COVID. It you want to know the county-by-county data you can go to this website.

If you have tested positive for COVID by a nasal PCR viral method but are asymptomatic, the CDC has released new guidelines for how long you need to isolate after your positive test. Read them here.

If you have tested positive and are isolating, you should monitor for symptoms of disease development or worsening: fever > 100F, cough, shortness of breath, profound body aches, headache, a swift loss of your ability to smell things. Test your sense of smell using coffee, vanilla extract or white vinegar. If you have concerns, call for advice. If you have the ability to measure your pulse oximetry, the oxygen saturation of your blood is a good piece of data. If you are an asthmatic or have emphysema, stay on your inhaled steroids and use your albuterol inhaler every 4 hours to keep your airways from constricting. Practice deep breathing and avoid lying down all day. Being flat on your back decreases your lung expansion. Good deep breathing is beneficial and helps combat the virus’s replication. Stay hydrated.

We want everyone to stay safe and weather this. Let us know how we can help.

Citizen’s Field is at 1400 NE 8th Avenue.

There is also drive through testing on Wednesday and Fridays at the Regional Transit System facility on Veitch Street. Call 352-334-8811 for an appointment.

July 2020