Phone Outage

On Saturday, we sustained a lightening strike or power surge that fried our Avaya phone system. Our IT support, DAB Consulting, was able to hack the system and get us partially operational by 9pm Monday evening. But, the system is not fully functioning. We have no night service and no voicemail boxes.

This means we go back to answering each phone call live. Our front desk clerk, Maria is fabulous on the phone but she is going to have a very busy day. We are all hands on deck until the new phone system gets installed.

A whole new phone system was not a project we had planned for the middle of an economic slowdown and global pandemic, but we must adapt and be agile. We want to stay focused on providing all of you with access to care. If you need an appointment, call or email the office ( Put “I need an appointment” in the comment line. Someone will call you back and get you scheduled. We are doing telemedicine appointments through the FollowMyhealth platform. We are seeing patients in the office after they have been surveyed about signs of illness (fever, cough, exposure to COVID risk). We have the front door locked so we can check everyone’s body temperature before entering the building and EVERYONE must wear a mask while in the office. We ask that your mask be well-fitted and cover your nose and mouth and that you STAY in your mask the entire time you are in the building.

We appreciate your support!

June 2020