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Dr. Sanders’ tricked-out walker

I returned to work last Monday, and if you were not a patient in for care, you missed the opportunity to see me (Dr. Sanders) shuffling around on a walker. So, I want to let everyone know that my surgery went better than I could have hoped. It is truly amazing and awesome to witness the innate ability for the human body to heal. Actually, the whole experience has been tremendously humbling. And I feel very blessed. And I am very grateful. I know that many of my patients prayed for me and added me to their prayer chains. And I think all of that lifted me up and lifted up the surgeon and all of his team. When we are in the position where we no longer have control, we must turn to the other things that give us comfort and help us feel protected and secure.

In short order, I set aside the walker and today, I will get the “all clear” report from the surgeon. Let’s not tell him that I went back to work last Monday. And especially, lets not tell him I have been driving for the last week. For the two weeks I was home, I DID behave and I was the ideal patient. I did all my exercises. I slept…A LOT! And it all helped to speed my recovery. My oldest son said last night, “Unless you showed them your x-rays, no one would believe you had a total hip replacement 3 weeks ago.”

And things could have gone sideways. And for some patients they do. It is not always predictable and unexplained and unexpected outcomes happen. And as a doctor, I knew all of those possibilities before surgery. I was very preoccupied with “what happens if…….” scenarios. Contingency planning is exhausting and often, wasted energy. But, when you run a small business and you happen to be the main engine that drives the ship, the task of anticipating poor outcomes is daunting.

Fortunately, all is well. All went well. And I hope this whole experience increases my ability to better empathize with each of my patients and the health issues that they face.

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