Food is fuel

“I’ve been exercising and I haven’t lost any weight.”

“Can’t you give me something to lose weight?”

Patients focus on weight loss. They want to be thinner, weigh less, fit into their old jeans or their best suit. They are bothered by having to let their belt out one more notch. Everyone has their line in the sand that finally motivates them to (at least) want to lose weight. They have a 20 year high school reunion or their child is getting married. (Or they are getting remarried). They see themselves in a picture and feel driven, compelled to lose weight. And they want to have lost it yesterday. They want the weight off for the July 4th family cruise to the Bahamas.

The reality is that weight GAIN is usually a slow process. Occasionally, people will gain weight rapidly due to medications like Depo-Provera shots, long-term oral steroids, some anti-depressants and even insulin. But usually, we gain slowly over time because we eat too much and we do too little.

But after nearly a century of weight loss gimmicks, the reality is that calorie restrictive dieting does not work. In fact, it likely makes people gain weight over time because it slows down a person’s metabolism.

The key to successful weight loss is what and how you eat. You lose weight in the kitchen.

Here are a few really interesting podcasts about hunger, appetite and portions:

What really need to really be focused on is being fit. FITNESS is more important than THINNESS. Being fit WILL prolong your life expectancy. The BMI (body mass index) is a quantitative measurement that we can track. It is used to define obesity in our country but it is not a comprehensive method for assessing fitness or health. And there is a BIG assumption that obesity equates to being sedentary. But, you can be FAT AND FIT just as easily as being thin and completely out-of-shape.

Focus on healthy eating, fresh ingredients, home cooked meals, reduced sodium intake, moderate alcohol consumption and PROPER portions. Eat less. And, try to eat only at meal times instead of snacking all throughout the day. And if you need help, come in and see us to talk about expanding your nutritional knowledge instead of your waistline.

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