All new patients and current established patients, when they complete the annual updates, will be asked for an accurate and functioning email address. When that email is entered into our EHR (electronic medical record) as one method of connection, an email is sent for theĀ FollowMyHealth patient portal. Each patient must sign in and verify that they accept this method communication. You can certainly opt-out of this web connection by leaving the FollowMyHealth unanswered. PCPG is trying to develop the most efficient pathways to communicate with our patients without making things feel depersonalized.

Additionally, PCPG has limited what kind of data can be accessed through the patient portal. We are exceptionally mindful of patient privacy. We want your data to be as secure as possible and far from the eyes of hackers and data miners. The patient portal allows patients to request appointments or pay their bills. There is also the ability for web messaging. Incoming messages from patients are directed to the provider’s medical assistant for preview. That allows the assistant to call a patient if the medical issue needs more direct communication. Outgoing messages are linked directly to the individual staff member. So, if you get an email from Dr. Sanders or Abigail Eley, DNP – those messages are truly coming from your provider.

The FollowMyHealth emails have ended up in spam folders or get disregarded as junk mail. If you want to be able to get direct messaging, click through on the links and set up your account.

July 2018
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