Graduation Season

It’s graduation season! The culmination to walk across a stage, turn a tassel and accept a diploma, a handshake and get your picture taken. There is pride and joy and a sense of accomplishment. Achievement! And then the next phase begins. Plan for the dorm room. Pack up and move to a new city. Start a new job. Study for the graduate school entrance exams. Level up. Parents worry if they have given their children “enough” skills and resiliency. Will they leave the nest and make it out there in the world “on their own”? With every moment of joy, there can be an equal measure of trepidation. There is worry about debt. The cost of paying for the education. The loan repayments. The funds needed to resettle. Earning that first real paycheck.

Welcome to the real world. All things up to this point have been proving grounds, training, preparation. Yes, it was hard. School may have been the hardest thing you’ve done to date. But it won’t be the hardest. Or the coolest. Or the most exciting.

Remember to stay prepared. If you are moving away from town, request copies of your medical records. Or, once you have a new physician, in your new town, have that new doctor send a release of records request and we will forward your records directly. If you are leaving for college, there are college health forms that need to be completed, vaccines that need to be updated or immunity confirmed. Call and get that school physical appointment now and check that task off the “to-do” list.

And congratulations! Onward and Upward!

May 2018
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