Month: April 2015

Wellness Visits

The weather report predicted rain. The last two weekends they said we’ve have rain, lots of rain. They got the predictions wrong. Weather reporting is not educated guessing, there is true science in meteorology. It’s just that sometimes it seems like they are reading tea leaves and casting lots. We plan a weekend expecting two days of clouds and rain but get clear skies and perfect weather.

Sometimes science fails to provide solid, conclusive data. Or, we learn that the science upon which we have built our recommendations is less conclusive than we believed or possibly deeply flawed. It leads to alterations in our medical recommendations or even reversals in our treatment guidelines.

We’ve seen this with the guidelines for prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing. We once tested all men yearly starting at age 50. Now, we only test if a man is symptomatic. But, even within those recommendations, there are detractors saying that early screening should be restored. We go back and forth with the guidelines for screening and prevention.

The very best prevention is to get an annual physical examination. Visit your primary care provider and discuss the prevention guidelines specific for your age and gender. We can review and update your family history to best assess your special risks. Having an established relationship with a provider is the best advocacy for your health.

We are all accepting new patients and maintain 10-15% of every day’s schedule for same day appointments.