Get Moving

Every new year we make resolutions. We vow to exercise more, lose weight, go to bed earlier, quit smoking or take our medicine properly. As family medicine providers, it serves our patients if we walk with them on the path to health and wellness. How can we – as your health care providers – be better examples and stewards? The business of healthcare eclipses the vocation of practicing medicine and nursing. It is the vocation where the greatest influence and impact lies. As so, I want to share some of the things our providers and staff have done to be healthier and to improve the quality of their lives.

I did a month of Whole30 in November. I did it for health reasons or as a trial to see of the elimination of certain foods would improve my health conditions. The tangible outcome was losing 11 lbs and improving some specific clinical parameters. Now, several other staff members and more than a dozen patients have opted for a month on Whole30. We have all learned a great deal about our relationship with food. Everyone has lost weight. More importantly, we also shifted away or eliminated foods and eating patterns long ingrained. Behavior modification is the hardest prescription to write.

Danielle Chaplin, ARNP conquered a person goal of the Disney Half Marathon. She has trained since summer 2014 and we are proud of her commitment to this goal.

D. Chaplin, ARNP

On March 21st, our staff will participate in the Clint Lacinak Shamrock 5k Walk and Run. This 5K commemorates Clint Lacinak’s life and raises money for the scholarship fund in his name at St. Patrick’s Interparish School. It is a great morning of fellowship and community. Consider joining our staff and providers for the event.




February 2015