Flu season 2014-2015

The flu season is upon us. Primary Care Physicians has had its FIRST confirmed case of influenza A. it was confirmed by a rapid flu test that screens for both influenza A and B strains. The CDC guidelines are that EVERYONE over the age of 6 months should be vaccinated for influenza…preferably BEFORE influenza has occurred in your community. The local pharmacies have the new vaccination available and medical insurance companies will cover this vaccine. The local schools are administering the Flumist nasal vaccine at no charge to your children. If you prefer that your child (anyone under the age of 18) to receive the injectable influenza vaccine, the local pharmacies will require a written prescriptions. All patients over the age of 65 should received the HIGH DOSE vaccine, which also requires a written prescriptions which you can pick up from the office.

Unfortunately, our office will not be stocking or providing the vaccine this year. We respectfully request that you have your pharmacy fax to our office the specific information about the Lot# of your vaccine batch. Expect your arm to be slightly sore the day after your vaccine. You r arm should NOT swelling or become inflamed(get red and hot). If this happens contact our office.

October 2014