An official medical home

Years before the professional discussion began about creating a national certification for patient centered care, Primary Care Physicians’ mission has been to serve as the medical home for its patients. We want to advocate for our patients, coordinate their care and assist in the maintenance of health. We have continually provided excellent care for this community. This year, 2010, we initiated the collaborative effort to obtain NCQA recognition and certification as a Medical Home.

This process will involved our patients. We will want their feedback as to how we can improve the way our office functions. We want to improve access, so that you can get an appointment quickly. We currently keep 15% of everyday’s schedule open for same day appointments. Also, each of the providers’ medical assistants are available to triage medical problems and get urgent problems seen in the office. We want to avoid the emergency rooms, the sickest and usually least efficient places to receive medical care unless you are gravely ill. We follow clinical care guidelines for chronic conditions, which also means we depend on our patients to participate. We will work as a team to avoid disease or manage it so as to maintain a good quality of life.

We are grateful for the faith entrusted to us by our patients and we continue to seek ways to improve how we deliver their care.

November 2010