Gardasil for boys

Gardasil is a quadrivalent vaccine against Human Papillomavirus. It provides full immunity against the four types of HPV that are known causes of cervical cancer. There are more than 30 types of this virus. The virus is the cause of genital warts. HPV infections will affect 4 out of 5 adults at some point in their life.

Initially, Gardasil was approved for females before the age of 26 to protect and prevent cervical cancer.

Now, Gardasil is approved for use in MALES. The vaccine will protect against 90% of genital warts cases. Human papillomavirus causes genital wart. Genital warts can cause penile cancer and can be easily spread to sexual partners.

Our practice provides this vaccine and recommend it as an excellent method to prevent cancer. More information can be obtained through a CDC webcast or from the manufacturers of the vaccine, Merck.