Test results

We notify our patients of all normal labs and x-ray results by mail. If your labs or x-ray results are abnormal or indicate the need to adjust your care, please be advised that the doctor or the medical assistant will call you.

Please allow 10 business days from the day of your test to receive your written notification of your test results. If you have not heard from us at the end of the 12 days, we have an automated line for you to call — 377-2022, and follow the instructions to leave a message for your doctor’s assistant; then please leave your name(spell last name), date of birth, telephone number where you may be contacted, the test result you need and where it was performed, and the name of the ordering physician. Please allow two days for us to return a call to you.

Some laboratories will tell patient’s that their tests results will be available the next day. This is rarely true. This also does not allow your doctor time to review the results.

Your doctor will explain at the time of your office visit why certain tests are being ordered. If you have abnormal results, your physician will strive to explain your results so that you can understand their meaning. Sometimes, this will require another office visit. Some situations require time to discuss results and to plan the next step in the treatment plan. We want out patients to be active participants in the care.

November 2009