Rx Refills

All prescription renewals should be requested during office hours. Please note that we give prescriptions at the time of your visit with the appropriate number of refills until you should return for your follow-up care.  Please check with the pharmacy to make certain you do not have a refill available. If you do not, you will need to make an appointment for further refills.

If a situation arises where a prescription refill by phone is absolutely necessary, please call 377-2022 and follow the instructions to leave a message for your doctors medical assistant; then please leave your name(spell last name), date of birth, telephone number where you may be contacted, and the medication for which you need a refill. Please realize that with the HIPAA guidelines, we must have written permission from YOU to contact you. If your HIPAA information is incomplete or inaccurate, we may have difficulty contacting you. This is the reason to see your physician at least once yearly.

For consistency, please select and designate your preferred pharmacy. If you need prescriptions for a mail-order prescription benefits program, please notify us, so the prescription can be written in the appropriate quantities.

Our office cannot phone in mail-order prescriptions. These prescriptions must be printed and given to you so they can be mailed into the company. The medications are then mailed to your residence.

Occasionally, we dispense samples from the office of medications. These samples are meant to facilitate the initiation or change to new medications. We cannot serve as a dispensing pharmacy and cannot give large quantities of samples.

November 2009