Getting refills

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Ben Franklin

~Ben Franklin

It is the habit of all of our physicians and our nurse practitioner to give prescriptions with refills. The refills are meant to last until you are due for your next appointment. Sometimes that is only 3 months. Sometimes that is a full year. It is our policy to see every patient at least once yearly. This is just good medicine. Remember that we change the A/C filters in our homes every 3 months….or should. We change the oil in our cars every 3,000 miles. Maintenance plans can be nullified if scheduled car care is missed. We want to encourage patients to take the same approach to their preventative medical care.

Also, remember, it can take 2 business days to get prescriptions approved by your provider and sent to your pharmacy. Check with you pharmacy after you have requested your refills. If you are completely out of meds, anticipate receiving only 1 MONTH of medication. This is your indication you are due for office follow up. We do not want you to run out of medications but we also need to be certain that the medications are effective and actually doing the job for which they are prescribed.