How We Have Changed

Primary Care Physicians of Gainesville is dynamic and ever-changing.  Some changes have been planned and some are unexpected. Such os medicine and health care. Change can be good or bad. Change can cause apprehension and distress. Change can be progressive and enriching. Change is usually beyond control. 

At the beginning of this year, Dr. Bette Boysen retired. After serving the Gainesville community for over 20 years, she has made the move to be close to her children and grandchildren. So many have been cared for by Dr. Boysen. Her role in this community was large. Beyond providing medical care, she was an avid supporter of the arts. Her absence is definitely felt.

At the end of May, Dr. Patricia Daneshmand left our practice. She came to Gainesville because her husband Dr. Alex Daneshmand was completing a fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine. He was part of the UF Shands faculty for one year but was offered an amazing opportunity in Ft. Myers. Dr. Patty was saddened about leaving a practice she loved. She felt that is was a truly uncommon experience to find a practice directly out of her residency that she would have happily stayed with for her entire career. We and her patients miss her but are happy for the opportunity in the Collier county community.