Mid Summer

It is the middle of summer, deep in the heat and fun days. Remember, July is Melanoma Awareness month. Wear your sunscreen! Avoid the sunburns. Don’t forget to cover your lips and ears, too. Always wear a hat and sunglasses. Melanoma can occur anywhere on the body, not just on the sun-exposed areas of the skin.

Also, it is mosquito season. (Isn’t that a year-round thing here in north central Florida?) There are many mosquito borne illnesses. Florida Health maintains information about them. In Florida, we many people who travel from areas with more common infections spread by mosquitoes but we should be alert and mindful because viruses are constantly changing and mutating. Wear insect repellent. Plant mosquito repellent plants around your porches and patios. Burn citronella in lamps and torches (outside). If you aren’t running your air conditioner – which is hard to imagine – make sure your window screens are intact and prevent mosquitoes from getting into your home.

If you are traveling for vacation, always wear your seat belts and do you simple car check-ups: tire pressures, oils and fluids. And never text while driving. And no Pokemon Go! while driving. You can come by the office to see if we have any Pokemon to catch, though.

School restarts in a month. Get your school and sports physicals completed early. Call for an appointment. This is the time to verify your vaccines are up-to-date, too.

I hope everyone has a great summer….and football is coming!

Cox Communications

Cox communications are down throughout Alachua County, possibly statewide into the Panhandle. If you have enough emergency come directly to the office or go to ER. We will post updates as we get them. [Post made via smartphone]

UPDATE: Cox Communications employee(s) cut two fiber optic transmission lines. One in Ocala and another in Mobile, Alabama. Our phones and internet were restored within four hours.

Happy New Year

The new year has begun and this brings renewed commitments to health and wellness goals. Many people make promises to themselves with regards to weight but among our own staff, the goals for 2016 include returning to school and a desire to earn a nutrition degree, to run 1000K, to save money to road trip across the country, to swear less and to be kinder.

What are your goals? Wellness encompasses our physical health as well as our emotional and spiritual health. Consider spending time in prayer or meditation. Find ways to reduce your stress. Does this mean utilizing your accrued personal leave from work? Does it mean organizing your closets or planting a flower garden? How about growing tomatoes in a container? Do you have a gym membership that needs dusting off or a bicycle (or treadmill) at home that need some attention? Make a promise to take your daily medications and to reduce your salt consumption. Maybe brown bag your lunch so you can save a bit of money.

We live in a small town but we still have the trappings of a big city: over-scheduling our time and commitments which leads to poor lifestyle options and choices.

So let us help you focus your goals for this new year. And we apologize now for the annual ritual of filling our the update forms….which every gripes about but absolutely makes our business operations smoother and more efficient.